My blog Academia de Cruz Medina is an online space that functions as

embodied rhetoric of the issues and projects related to my research interests.

In addition, it serves as a digital archive of teaching material. Most notably, my blog

facilitates collaboration with, and contributions from, academic colleagues.


Below is a list of amazing academics who have guest-blogged, contributing academic

writing related to issues and themes included in this blog.

Aja Martinez Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Syracuse University

Marissa M Juarez Rhetoric and Composition, Central New Mexico Community College

Natalie A Martinez Assistant Professor, Bellevue College

Enrique Reynoso Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Romeo Guzman Assistant Professor of History, Cal State University Fresno

Notes from Featured Speakers

Public intellectuals have appeared at the University of Arizona during my time,

and below are noted and posts from interactions with these accomplished speakers.

Noam Chomsky


Salman Rushdie


Dolores Huerta


Cornel West


Visit  at

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