Collegas Ozomatli Resources

Music is a way to reflect culture, communicate knowledge and address social justice.

Activity: for the next 5-10 minutes, interview someone you know here in partners of small group about a band, or song, that was influential because it connects and reflects their cultural background. What might be some of the messages (arguments) of the song? How does it speak to you about your culture?

What: For a research activity that can expand into a longer assignment, students can interview an older family member or someone in their community about a song that was important to them and connected with the politics of the time.

Goal: Students collect primary research and make meaning from knowledge in their communities. (Critical thinking, evaluating sources, structuring information)
-Students can perform additional research on the internet on the band/song;
-Additionally, students can find scholarly articles;
-Students can report back in the form of a presentation (or even dramatization)